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Book Nook

"Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light."
-Vera Nazarian

The following are books we have personally read and recommend for various reasons, whether it be for inspiration, self-development, or just plain good reads! We list for you:

- Book title, author, subject and image
- How many pages in print and how long it is on Audiobook (we LOVE Audible!)
- Brief summary of the book
- Our Rxeason to read (our $0.02 on why it's worth your time)
- *BONUS: link to get the book at the best price, be it print or audible version!

We hope you enjoy them as much as we have - we will be adding roughly 2 new recommendations per month so be sure to come back to see what new goodies we have found to share with you!

50 Psychology Classics: Who We Are, How We Think, What We Do - Insight & Inspiration from 50 Key Books
Dr. Adam Martin
in Book Nook
August 08, 2017
7 minutes read
How about a book that delivers a succinct overview with key takeaways from the 50 most influential works on psychology? Even better: how about I give break that down even further, giving you the main takeaways from each of those 50 books, delivering the cliff notes of the cliff notes to save you even more time without sacrificing the main points? Yes, please, you say? Here are my key highlights from 50 Psychology Classics!
On the Shortness of Life: Life Is Long if You Know How to Use It
Dr. Adam Martin in Book Nook
July 10, 2017 · 6 minutes read
The Stoic writings of the philosopher Seneca, who lived from c. 5 BC to AD 65, offer powerful insights into the art of living, the importance of reason and morality
The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results
Dr. Adam Martin in Book Nook
July 20, 2017 · 5 minutes read
We all want to accomplish as much as possible with our life, but the truth is, if we attempt to do too many things at once, NOTHING will get done! "If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one." The ONE Thing lays out how to turn your passion into your paycheck!
Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation
Dr. Adam Martin in Book Nook
July 04, 2017 · 5 minutes read
This book lays out a simple, 4-step plan that can be applied to any goal you are looking to go after in life. What's better than simple? It works!
Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder
Dr. Adam Martin in Book Nook
July 05, 2017 · 7 minutes read
Author: Arianna HuffingtonSubject: Women & Business, Personal Memoirs, Motivation & Self-ImprovementPages(print)/Time(Audio): 368 pages (print)/ 9 hours 58 min (audio)Main points summary (from Amazon):“In Thrive, Arianna Huffin
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life
Dr. Adam Martin in Book Nook
June 15, 2017 · 6 minutes read
For decades, we’ve been told that positive thinking is the key to a happy, rich life. "F**k positivity," Mark Manson says. "Let’s be honest, shit is f**ked and we have to live with it." In his wildly popular Internet blog, Manson doesn’t sugarcoat or equivocate. He tells it like it is—a dose of raw, refreshing, honest truth that is sorely lacking today. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k is his antidote to the coddling, let’s-all-feel-good mindset that has infected modern society and spoiled a generation, rewarding them with gold medals just for showing up.
What Every Body is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Speed-Reading People
Dr. Adam Martin in Book Nook
May 31, 2017 · 6 minutes read
A former FBI counterintelligence officer and a recognized expert on nonverbal behavior, explains how to "speed-read" people: decode sentiments and behaviors, avoid hidden pitfalls, and look for deceptive behaviors. You'll also learn how your body language can influence what your boss, family, friends, and strangers think of you.
Breathe: The Simple, Revolutionary 14-Day Program to Improve Your Mental and Physical Health
Dr. Adam Martin in Book Nook
May 08, 2017 · 5 minutes read
Insomnia? Gone. Anxiety? Gone. All without medication. Unpleasant side effects from blood pressure pills? Gone. A cheap and effective way to combat cardiovascular disease, immune dysfunction, obesity, and GI disorders? Yes. Sounds too good to be true? Believe it.
Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win
Dr. Adam Martin in Book Nook
April 17, 2017 · 5 minutes read
Author: Jocko Willink & Leif BabinSubject: Iraq War, Intelligence & Espionage, United StatesPages(print)/Time(Audio): 320 pages (print)/ 8 hours 15 min (audio)Main points summary (from Amazon):“Sent to the most violent battlefield i
Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't
Dr. Adam Martin in Book Nook
April 04, 2017 · 8 minutes read
Author: Jim CollinsSubject: Strategic Planning, Systems & Planning, Company ProfilesPages(print)/Time(Audio): 400 pages (print)/ 10 hours 1 min (audio)Main points summary (from Amazon):“The Challenge:Built to Last, the defining manageme
Managing Oneself
Dr. Adam Martin in Book Nook
March 23, 2017 · 8 minutes read
Managing Oneself identifies the probing questions you need to ask to gain the insights essential for taking charge of your career:
The Obstacle Is the Way
Dr. Adam Martin in Book Nook
March 16, 2017 · 5 minutes read
If you’re feeling frustrated, demoralized, or stuck in a rut, this book can help you turn your problems into your biggest advantages. And along the way it will inspire you with dozens of true stories of the greats from every age and era: